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The Challenge 

It’s fair to say that as an extension to many people’s living space the garden is often a large untapped resource.  However, it’s also the case that for much of the year the garden is a backdrop, viewed from inside the house & many of our outdoor spaces don’t measure up as visually appealing.


Nature has presented us with a huge palette of plants to add beauty to our gardens throughout the year  -  the challenge is to pick the right plants to enhance each garden.


The Solution

A successful planting scheme will consider many variables (aspect, soil, drainage, climate) & each considered plant must bring function, form, texture & colour & earn its place in the garden.

Quercus Garden Design has many years of experience designing & planting schemes for established, as well as newly built gardens.  A well-considered and “boiled down” list of plants will be agreed with our clients & used to enrich each garden with seasonal interest throughout the year.

Other Projects
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