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Pergola Garden

The Client 

A retired professional couple, with a clear vision for their garden, strong ideas, a flexible approach & an appreciation of the value of garden design – the perfect client really.

The Challenge 

Our clients wanted the ultimate relaxation garden to “admire nature’s beauty”.  So, by applying the key principles of simplicity, balance & unity Quercus aimed to deliver the definitive tranquil outdoor space.  The awkward bi-directional slope was an added challenge.

The Solution

Firstly the terrace area was enlarged to bring ample entertaining space.  Gentle steps lead garden users around the relatively small space & the two-part pergola brings height to balance the large tree on the other side of the garden.

By using just two materials, that both tie to the house, the design feels cohesive & unified.

The nectar-rich planting scheme will bring an abundance of insect life into the garden & birds are encouraged with feeding stations & nesting boxes.

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