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Contemporary Oriental Garden

The Client 

An energetic & enthusiastic retired couple, with a love of all things oriental & living in the St. Michael’s Mead area of Bishop’s Stortford.

The Challenge 

Approaching 20 years old the garden was in need of some revitalisation & design ideas to make the best use of the relatively small space.


The theme of the garden was to be Oriental & the geometry curvy & with synthetic grass on the wish-list the solution would need to be a Japanese garden with a contemporary twist!


The Solution

This garden uses contemporary Marshall’s paving materials to create a modern take on an Oriental themed garden.  The Ying & Yang lawn is built on two levels using synthetic grass.  Maples, bamboos & cloud-pruned evergreens, mulched with pebbles & cobbles bring a real Oriental feel to the garden.

The garden won a Marshall’s National Award in 2014 & featured in their brochure.

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